Rats Tail Wheel -18" rear

Rats Tail Wheel -18" rear


This is original Rat´s Tail Wheel!

Handmade stainless steel wheel. Spokes are shaped so that they give the best possible support to the whole structure and look great at the same time. To maximize the riding experience the wheel has a cone type bearing, we also located the grease nipple exactly the same position with the air valve just to make your life a little bit easier.

This 18” x 2,15” wheel is equipped with brake drum compatible with Harley-Davidson 1963-66 juice brake backing plate and brake shoes.

The wheel will be delivered in a wooden shipping box that serves you as a cupboard, tool box or what ever you choose. Also handmade, of course!

Price excl. shipping. Shipping and handling worldwide 150€

ONLY for show use! No DOT, TÜV or other approval by any authority in any country. Collector’s item. 

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