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Flying Choppers Custom Motorcycle Co.

Since 2009 when we started our small business a lot has happened. We altered from customizing and building motorcycles to what we are today: A workshop manufacturing handmade parts and components for various use for our customers. All our parts are handmade from the very beginning. We refuse to use any modern technique or machinery since we strongly believe in touching and feeling what we do. Quality before quantity. We still draw our ideas on paper, we manufacture our own cast molds and finish the products by hand. This means that there is no two alike. All parts are produced for particular customer, no retailers between. Welcome to the world of unique, long lasting and exclusive motorcycle parts!

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Hand-crafted parts

All our handmade parts are made for specific use for specific customer. This means that we are only producing parts for real use and need. There is no over-manufacturing for storage and this way we carry our responsibility to save natural resources. Parts are made with 0% plastic from the start till they meet the customer. Even the shipping boxes are handmade by us from wood and parts are protected from damaging with wood as well. So everything you´ll get from us is for use, reuse or recycling. 

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I founded Flying Choppers Inc. back in the day 2009. Since then it has been a roller coaster of good times and challenging times and absolutely best of times and with Flying Choppers I do what I love the most. Veikko joined Flying Choppers as a partner 2017 and that has been the possibly the best of decisions for both of us ever. What we have here is a well-oiled small factory innovating, designing and producing the best hand-crafted parts for your project. We also have some interesting plans for the near future so stay tuned, keep in touch and follow our Instagram page.